Extend booking functionality and an alternate to resource booking in PSA V3

Extend booking functionality and an alternate to resource booking in PSA V3


I came across the functionality of Extend Bookings when I was moving ahead to allocate some hours to the resources on the project in PSA V3.

This beautiful way makes the allocation so easy and just in a few clicks. This is only feasible when the Schedule is filled with some resources and not any generic resources.

Below is how to use the Extend Booking Functionality:

After the  contract is created and confirmed, being a project manager I prefer creating the project plan.

For the same I got the Project Service –> Projects–> Open the project –> Schedule tab.


Once this is done, we traverse to the Team tab to see that the Resources Selected are already added as the Team Member. You can change the role the resource from there.


Next when we see in the Resource Assignments view. We see a beautiful view of the hours when the resources will be probably needed to allocate.

This doesn’t mean that the resources are hard booked.


Next is the Resource Reconciliation view where we perform the Extend Booking functionality.


As the legends read, yellow is Booking Shortage, meaning that the booking is not yet done.

Once we make the booking via the Schedule Board or via Extend Booking functionality, the colour switches to Blue, which means that the booking is done.

Let’s pick up a resource to do the booking. In our case I will make the booking for my resource.

In the above screen shot, we see the Resource Reconciliation in weeks view.

For Kuldeep Gupta, 50 hours of task was spread across a duration of 50 days while preparing the schedule.

Hence, it spreads 1 hours each day in the week for 50 days.

An important point to note here is that, Resource Reconciliation view splits the hours based on Front Load mechanism and uses the Work Hour Template on the project to decide the working hours a day and working hours in the calendar year.

In our case, it is 8 hours working a day.

I will now try to make the booking for Kuldeep Gupta for the week of 23rd Dec and 30th Dec.

For doing so select the 2 weeks as shown in the screen shot below:


As soon as we select these 2 weeks, Extend Booking button gets activated. Click on the Extend Booking Button, that opens up a pop up.


If you observe the pop up gives the information of Booking Extension, that the booking needed to be done and Current bookings, which are hours for which the resource is already having the bookings in the system.

We click on OK then to confirm the bookings.

Below is what we observe.


Post this we move back to Team Tab to check if the booking is done or not.


We observe that now we have 10 hours of Hard booking for Kuldeep Gupta in place.

I tried even further to validate these booking on the schedule board and to my surprise my thought was validated with the sight of the booking.

Below is the screenshot of the booking.


Above blog is merely my personal opinion and findings about the product.

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