PSA Quick Tip: Billable hours equals 0 in Time Entry approval

On a billing Friday, when I consolidate the billing information for all my projects and send it to my accounting team, I saw a thing more closely to observe that for a few time entries done by the team the billable(hrs) column showed 0.00 and Billing Type shows Not Available.


Getting into the details was the only thing left rather than getting curious. The very first hit in my R&D took me to the right spot.

The Project contract type was my first guess and yes, it was of the type Fixed Bid. Hence, the time entry showed 0.00 in the Billable(hrs) column.

The reason is that the actuals for Fixed Bid project comes from the Milestone that is Invoiced and the actuals are actually not dependent on the time entries that are done by the Team.

But, in case there are some additional hours that are getting approved by the client that needs to be billed to the client apart from the milestone value, we need to do the following steps to get that included in the invoice.

Step 1:

Open the Project approval Entity as shown below


Step 2:

Select and open the record that you want to be invoiced to the customer for a Fixed Bid project.


Step 3:

Edit the following fields:

Billing Type: Chargeable

Billing hours: make it to X hours that you want to invoice.

Save the changes.


Step 4.

Now the time that is made charegable will be accrued as cost on the project.

Also, post that you need to open the invoice that has been generated by the milestone and edit it manually to add those CR hours in the Invoice.

You are done.


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