What if the Resource Requirement Still appears post the task is deleted from Schedule (WBS) in PSA V3?

Problem Definition:

I have observed a fact in PSA that when the task in PSA Schedule (WBS) is deleted, the corresponding Resource Requirement doesn’t get deleted. Hence, it keeps on appearing in the Schedule Board to allocate.

Resource Managers face difficulties in order to understand whether to allocate them or not. Hence, it is a job of Project Manager to ensure they are not appearing on the Schedule Board to allocate.


Following are the steps with which the Resource Managers can ensure they do their job end-to-end post the task is deleted from the Schedule (WBS).

Step 1: Check in the Schedule Board in the Project Tab whether the task appears to schedule. If not, then the job is done.


Else, do an advanced find on the Resource Requirement with the below mentioned criteria shown in the screen shot.


See the results of the Advanced Find shown below.


Open the task from Advanced Find by Double Clicking on it and check the status of the task.


Change the Status of the Task to Canceled and Save the form.


The task will now not appear in the Resource Requirement. You are done with the solution.

This blog reflects my personal findings and based solely on my experience of using PSA for last 3+ years. For those who are looking for a platform that can track and manage the entire procedures of sales and project managements, I would highly recommend them to try Microsoft dynamics 365 for project service automation.





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