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With the launch of Project Operations, we might have lot of questions around how does the data flow between D365 CE and F&O (Finance and Operation) environment. In this blog I would like to describe how does the Contract information, Milestone for Fixed Bid projects and Actuals for T&M project flows between the environment in Project Operations.

Let’s begin the action:

Follow the steps to integrate the Contract, Milestones and Actuals:

  1. We need to login to CE environment’s and navigate to Project Operations App as shown below.
  •  Let’s create a Contract now. To do that you will need to create a Quote First and then the contract. Please follow the below steps to create a Quote and then Contract.
    • Navigate to Project Operations à Sales Module à Quote Entity in CE.
  • Fill the Mandatory details of the Quote as shown below.
  • Click on the Quote lines tab and create Quote Lines as we used to create in PSA. We will add 2 Quote lines, 1 for Fixed Bid and 1 for Time and Material.
  • Confirm the Quote to create a Contract.
  • Its time now to check 3 things in F&O Environment that integrated via Dual Write maps in F&O from CE namely:
    • Contract Header: In order to open the contract Header in F&O environment, navigate to Project Management and Accounting àProject Contract
  1. Contract Lines:
    1. In order to open the contract Lines in F&O environment, navigate to Project Management and Accounting àFixed-price revenue estimate projects.
  • The click on Estimates TabàClick on NewàSelect the Forecast Model as shown in the Drop DownàClick OK.
  • Post that select the created Record and Click on Save.
  1. Milestones: In order to Navigate to check the Milestones, click on Project Management and Accounting–>All Project–> select the project–> From ribbon select Pending transactions as shown below

PN the following:

1. Quote does not flow between CE to F&O.

2. Contract and Projects can be edited in CE environment only. Hence, if you try to open them in F&O environment, they will open up in CE Environment.

3. Contract and Contract lines flow from CE to F&O.

Please note that the above blog is with respect to the latest information provided by Project Operations in Public Preview. Any issues or discrepancy in the above blog can be reported directly to me on kgupta@d365feeds.com. In my upcoming blog I will show you how does Invoicing works in F&O along with Revenue Recognition and Part Payment.


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