Earlier we used to book an appointment either by using Microsoft Teams or from MS Outlook. But now we can book an appointment from in-app appointments, also we can add links, lists and other rich text in description with new rich text editor control. These features are introduced by Microsoft in Microsoft 2022 release wave 1 plan.


  • Go to Activities and click on Appointment
  • Enter Subject as in Topic of the meeting.
  • Enter Email id in Required Field which indicates the email id of required person to join the meeting.
  • Enter optional Email id and Location.
  • Toggle Teams meeting to Yes if you are scheduling an appointment as Teams meeting.
  • Select Company in Regarding field and then Enter Start Time and End Time.
  • Enter details in Description, you can also share any web link with participants

  • Click on Save. Now you can see Teams link for the meeting you scheduled. You can use this link to join the meeting


By including this feature, you can easily add Microsoft Teams meeting from an appointment in your model-driven app. Also, you can also join a Teams meeting with a single click from the appointment or the timeline control.

Sincere Thanks to Surbhi for bringing this topic to light.


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