Reconciliation view & Scheduling a resource in PSA V3

I got some hands around to play with the reconciliation view in PSA v3. You remember my previous blog that talked about “Booking resource on a project task or a service ticket” (Link for the blog for your reference

That is something like what V3 Schedule and Reconciliation together offers us. The only missing element is that still the resource cannot be allocated on a task but is booked on a Project.

In order to navigate to the Reconciliation view, you can go to Project ServicesàProject à Reconciliation View. Below is how the reconciliation view looks like.


Now let me tell you the difference in both the approaches:

1. In v2 we needed to book the resources via generating the resource requirement


    In v3 we can directly allocate resources on the project.


2.  In v2 only if you book the resource on the project does the team member gets added         in the project.


     In v3 the resource gets directly added as a team member to the project once added on       the task on Schedule.

3. In v2 once the team member gets added on to the project then we could come on the          project task and then assign the resource on the task. Meaning that the booking was          compulsory in v2.


    In v3 as the team member is added directly on the task, he by default gets the access of      the task.

4. In v2 there is no good place where we can go and check how much time of a resource        is pending to be utilised or scheduled on a project.


   Reconciliation view in v3 gives a good overview of how much time a resource is still         owing the time on project.

How the resources appear in the Reconciliation View and how to read it?

  1. Once the project plan is prepared in the Schedule, you can add the resources on that task in the “Resources” column of the schedule.
  2. Post that they are not only added to the Team with a default Team Member role, which can be edited later on, but appear in the reconciliation view above.3
  3. -102 hours are pending hours that are yet to be scheduled for Kuldeep via the schedule board.
  4. The colour coding itself justifies Pt.3 where Yellow means that there are some hours still left to be booked and blue means that he is over booked or fully booked for 24 hours a day.

 The above explains the reconciliation view in detail.

The views expressed above are solely my learnings and findings on PSA V3.

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