Actuals vs Estimated hours myth

All these years I was calculating Actuals as the billable hours on the project with chargeable role.

While PSA helped me cleared the myth. Below is how PSA helped me clear that myth and this is how I cleared my understanding towards Actuals vs Estimated in PSA.Estimated vs Actuals 1

On the Project when I saw the project was estimated to be a short project of 22 hours and the Actuals were of 24 hours. I decided to dig deep into it to understand the issue of these 2 additional hours, as this was not a big project and getting the additional 2 hours mistake would be very easy.

Below is what I did.

I opened the Actuals from Project–> Project Name–> Actuals, as shown in the screen shot below.

Estimated vs Actuals 2

Then in the grid I sorted the “cost” aspect and calculated the No of hours which turned out to be 24. This was strange for me. Then I looked at the “Resource Role” column in the grid and found a 2 hour entry under the Non-Billable role.

I pondered to think why is this 2 hours Non-Billable hours getting summed up in the actuals. But, if thought correctly, Even the Non-Billable hours spent by the Resource is an Actual cost to the company.

This is how my myth got cleared and for my project budget calculations I got another field created on the form named billable hours and calculated the sum of all the chargeable roles hours in that field. This actually now gave me all the 3, Actuals, Estimated and billed hours in one go.


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