PSA Tip for doing correct time entries

Often, I find my team members doing mistakes at the end of the week while doing time entries for the week.

I being so strict about resource allocation of each one of them also did not solve my purpose 100%. But, doing the allocations absolutely perfect made my simple though with the solution I followed.

PSA has a feature in the Time Entries screen to import the “Resource Bookings”. I jumped out of happiness by looking at this feature. This not only made my billing procedure simple but faster though. Following is what I told my team members to do to achieve the same.

Open the Time Entries screen. And click on Import Button. Select option Resource Bookings Option as shown below.


Time Entries then gets fetched from the Resource allocation done in the schedule board.

Below is how the screen looks.

PSA Nov 2

We then open each time entry by double clicking on it and add the comments.

PSA Nov 3

Upon saving the time entries status changes from suggested to Draft and there is one more entry that shows up on the Time Entry screen, which is solid in color and not faded.

Below is how it looks.

PSA Nov 4

Likewise, when all the time entries are done, we should refresh the page and then the suggested time entries are gone only the Draft time entries remain.

You can then submit the Draft Time entries and follow the normal approval process of the time entries.

This reduces the errors in the time entries that the team does.

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