PSA Tip: Deactivate the project rather than marking it complete

I often check my projects that I manage in a day. There is this enormous no of active project that I see in the list that concerns me. This takes me to the thought to manage them.

One thought was to create a field that could be priority look up and based on the values create views. Well but, I am always of the opinion to not do customizations and use as many OOB (OUT OF THE BOX) stuff provided.

There are some projects for which we wait for months and the client seem to still keep on discussing the requirements within themselves. Then there are a few MSA support T&M based projects that are active, but, the client has very minimal work for us, etc. For all such projects we have an option called DEACTIVATE that can be utilised in PSA.

The beauty is that they first go out of the view.

The next is they can be reactivated again whenever needed.

By marking complete, there is no option to bring back the project to life (Active Stage) and we tend to lose all the contract information, billing rates team and all the important required information from the project.

How to Deactivate and Activate the project.

Step 1:

Open the Project as show below.

PSA Tip 0

Step 2: Click on the DEACTIVATE button as highlighted in Step 1. A Pop-up comes up as shown below asking for Confirm Deactivation:

PSA Tip 1

There are 2 options in the drop down as shown.

  1. Inactive – Sets project to read only: This option will only temporarily deactivate the project and do not delete any allocations done on the project.


  1. Closed-Sets project to read only and cancels future bookings: This option will mark the project closed permanently with no chances of revival. This will also remove all the future allocations from the system for that project for all the team members.


Now, for us we shall select the first option and click on Deactivate button in the pop-up.

This marks the project as Inactive with the following changes that are shown in the screen shot below:

  1. There is an ACTIVATE button that comes up on the screen.
  2. All the Phases in the business process flow are locked.
  3. The project becomes Read-only and the status of the project changes to Inactive.

PSA Tip 2

This blog reflects my personal findings and based solely on my experience of using PSA for last 5 years. For those who are looking for a platform that can track and manage the entire procedures of sales and project managements, I would highly recommend them to try Microsoft dynamics 365 for project service automation.

This helps in keeping all the ONLY ACTIVE projects in the view and the ones that needs our action and attention.

According to my opinion, implementation of Microsoft dynamics 365 for project service automation is one of the best things that we did in CloudFronts Technologies. We have gained a lot with this implementation because we save time and money due to easy access resources and ability to manage them.


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