Delegate work around in PSA V3

As we explore the time entry functionality, the option of Delegates functionality is no longer available OOB in PSA V3.

Though we can enable Delegate entity from the site map.

But, even then there are some customizations that might be needed on Time Entry entity.


  1. adding a look up for the bookable resource.
  2. Writing a plugin/Workflow to update the bookable resource field from the lookup field added on the time entry screen.
  3. Adding validity period that validates until when the delegate function should be available for a resource.
  4. Plugin to check whether the validity is still prevailing or not and in case not, removing the name of the resource from the bookable resource field added on the time entry entity.


But if we try to compromise on the functionality of checking the validity in Pt. 3 above which V2 version of PSA offers, we can achieve the same by exposing the Bookable Resource field on the Quick Create Time Entry Form.

Follow the steps to expose the same:

Step 1: Go to D365 Custom app: This will take you to the old classic interface.


Step 2: Go To SettingsàSolutions and open an un-managed solution of yours.


Step 3: Browse to Time Entry Entity and open the Quick Create Form from the Forms section as shown below.


Step 4: Drag the Bookable resource field from the Field Explorer on to the quick create form as per below:



Step 5: Publish the customization and then check the time entry screen to see if the field is visible.


Step 6: Open the Time Entry Quick create form to do a new time entry.



Fill the time entry. Now if you want to do a time entry on behalf of other resource, select that resource in the Bookable Resource lookup. If you do not select the Bookable Resource and leave it blank the Bookable Resource is by default the logged in user.

Save and Close the time entry.

In order to validate, ask the user for whom the time entry is done and it should be visible in the time entry screen of his.

This way we achieve the Delegate functionality in PSA V3 by compromising the delegate validation functionality.


This blog reflects my personal findings and based solely on my experience of using PSA for last 3 years. For those who are looking for a platform that can track and manage the entire procedures of sales and project managements, I would highly recommend them to try Microsoft dynamics 365 for project service automation.



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