Often there is a need to split the bill which can be paid by 2 parties for a project. For e.g. if we are getting a project executed and there are 2 customers involved, for whom the project is getting developed, they can decide on who should pay what percentage bill should be borne by whom.

Project Operations comes with this functionality known as Split billing.

The following steps illustrates how to achieve that:

Step 1:

Login to your Project Operations CE environment.

Step 2:

Create an Opportunity by Navigating to Salesà Opportunities Module and by clicking on +New button from Ribbon control.

Step 3:

Create a Quote, by clicking on the Quote Tab and then click on +New Quote as shown in the screenshot below:

A Quote filled with all the details from the opportunity form is created.

Step 4:

Navigate to the Customers Tab in the Quote. Here is where you can add another customer who shall split the bill with the other customer.

Click on +New Quote Customer as shown below, add the details and decide the percentage of billing as per need basis between each customer.

Step 5:

Add Quote Lines to the Quote as per shown in the screen shot below:

Step 6:

Add Quote Line Details as per shown in the below screenshot:

Step 7:

Once the Quote is Ready Mark the Quote as Won as shown in the screenshot below:

Step 8:

Once the Quote is marked as won a Contract is created with all the detail pre-filled (picked up form Quote).

Then mark the Contract as confirm as shown in the screen shot below:

Step 9:

Navigate to the Billing Milestones and Open a milestone for Invoicing:

If you observe, after opening the billing milestone, it has 2 lines in each for different Quote Line customers that we added.

The amounts are also calculated based on the percentage of the split billing decided for both.

Step 10:

Change the status of both the lines to Ready for Invoicing as shown below:

Step 11:

Navigate to the Contract and click on the Create Invoice button from the ribbon as shown:

Step 12:

Navigate to the Invoice Entity from Sales Module as shown below. You will observe there are 2 different invoices created for both the customers:

That ends the process. Here on the Accounts Manager can send out the invoice individually to each of the customer.

The entire process briefed above is how the split billing works.


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