An often ask functionality to collaborate from Dynamics 365 Project Operations with Teams is now functional, thus helping in effective communication and team collaboration by avoiding series of emails.

There are many ways in which Teams can be used for this purpose. The following blog with explain you how the collaboration works.

1. Adding a Dynamics 365 App in Teams.

By adding Dynamics 365 App to Teams you can use the entire app inside teams. There is no need to step out of Teams for anything related to Dynamics work.

How do we add the Dynamics 365 App to Teams?

Step 1: Click on the elipses as shown in the screen shot below and select the Dynamics 365 App.

Step 2: Select the App and Click on Add button as shown below.

Step 3: Navigate to Setting Tab and Select, Environment and Dynamics 365 App that you wish to load inside and Save the settings as shown below:

Step 4: Once you are done, click on the My Dashboard button and your app is loaded in Teams.

Now you can run the entire App inside your Teams environment.

2. By Adding a Teams and loading a specific project for that team, so that the entire team can collaborate on that Team.

Step1: Click on the Teams Tab and Click on Join or Create a team as shown below and then Create a team:

Step 2: Select any option that suits you best from the below. I would recommend selecting “Manage a Project” since it has all the Wiki and Files options enabled by default.

Step 3: Click on Start

Step 4: Click on Public or Private Group as per your choice. I would recommend keeping it Private, since it is your project group.

Step 5: Name the project team and click on Create button.

It takes a while post that to create a team. Once the team is created you will be notified by Teams about the successful creation of your project team.

Once your Project Team is created you will see it in the left navigation bar of Teams as shown below. Once you click that you will see a couple of options in the project team.

Step 6: Once you Click on the + Icon, you can add the Dynamics 365 Project you wish to add to the project team you created to collaborate on the same.

Step 7: Next you click on Add

Step 8: Select the Entity Selection Tab and Select from the Right Drop Down Menu as Shown, select the appropriate project and click on Save.

Your project is added as the tab on the tab as shown and you can then collaborate also with the team from Posts.

Collaborate from Posts

3. You can also add the entre website by adding the URL on the Teams site of your application.

Step1: To add via URL, click the + Icon on any chat or Team that you have created and select Website

Step 2: Name the tab and add the URL of your Dynamics 365 Environment. Then you are set to your application inside Teams.

Your Project Tab comes on the top as shown and you can use your D365 App from within Teams seamlessly.

There is a Collaborate Button provided in the Dynamics 365 app to collaborate with Teams, I shall discuss more about that option in my upcoming blog.



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