Problem Definition: We always wanted a way in which we could create a milestone in the project WBS. Milestones are the way in which we can mark the task by stating that it’s a deliverable task. How can we achieve this functionality in Project Operations?


Please follow the steps to mark the task as milestone in Project Operations (PO) P4W.

Step 1:

Open your PO environment and navigate to Projects à Tasks Tab

Step 2:

Add a task by and name, in this case I have added the task by the name “Milestone task 1”.

Step 3:

Make following columns visible “Effort”, “Start” and “Finish”.

Step 3:

Make the effort to 0 and ensure the Start and Finish Dates are same. This will ensure your task is made as a milestone.

Step 4:

Now navigate to the Timeline view and you can check whether the task is created as a milestone task or not. If the Timeline shows a diamond icon, that means it is a milestone task that is created.

2 thoughts on “How to create a milestone in Project Operations

  1. Do you know how to mark a milestone as complete please? After you go past the date they show as red (overdue) and in Project Operations you can’t directly change the %complete


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