Problem Definition: We always wanted a way in which we could create a milestone in the project WBS. Milestones are the way in which we can mark the task by stating that it’s a deliverable task. How can we achieve this functionality in Project Operations?


Please follow the steps to mark the task as milestone in Project Operations (PO) P4W.

Step 1:

Open your PO environment and navigate to Projects à Tasks Tab

Step 2:

Add a task by and name, in this case I have added the task by the name “Milestone task 1”.

Step 3:

Make following columns visible “Effort”, “Start” and “Finish”.

Step 3:

Make the effort to 0 and ensure the Start and Finish Dates are same. This will ensure your task is made as a milestone.

Step 4:

Now navigate to the Timeline view and you can check whether the task is created as a milestone task or not. If the Timeline shows a diamond icon, that means it is a milestone task that is created.


3 thoughts on “How to create a milestone in Project Operations

  1. Do you know how to mark a milestone as complete please? After you go past the date they show as red (overdue) and in Project Operations you can’t directly change the %complete


    1. Hi Peter, Sorry for the delayed response. But, you can open the Milestone manually as an Out of the box feature and mark it as complete,
      Else, you can write a batch job that runs on a schedule and then you can mark the milestone as complete.


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