Problem Definition: Unlike PSA where the users were not restricted to use the crude operations (Create, Update and Delete) CUD on entities like Project, Project Task, Resource Assignment, Project Team Member and Project Task Dependency, Project Operations (PO) blocks the user to perform these basic operations.

Often these requests are at peak while we do projects with customers, as PO does not go OOB for all the needs and requirements coming from customers. Of lately a huge demand was seen for this.


Microsoft has come up with custom API’s know as Schedule API in CDS to enable these CUD operations. The reason why these had to come via Schedule API was that the WBS was managed by P4W (Project for the Web) which is a different team from the PO Team. To do a seamless communication between PO and P4W Schedule API was born.

The following entity with its logical names were enabled via Schedule API

Entity Name  Entity Logical Name 
Project msdyn_project 
Project Task  msdyn_projecttask  
Project Task Dependency  msdyn_projecttaskdependency  
Resource Assignment msdyn_resourceassignment 
Project Bucket  msdyn_projectbucket 
Project Team Member msdyn_projectteam 

See the table below for all the operations Microsoft currently enabled support: 

Just a small note:

Note, Microsoft don’t update Resource Assignments, instead they delete the existing one and create a new one. So, there is no support for Update Resource Assignment. Same thing applies to Task Dependency. 

These APIs can be called with entity objects that including custom fields.  

The Id property is optional, if you provide one, Microsoft will try to use it. Microsoft will throw an exception if they cannot use the id you provide. If you don’t provide one, Microsoft will generate one.

Scheduling API would be available in the following release of ProjectOperations 


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