Problem Definition:

Unassigned Lead or Opportunity would result in loss of business. Also, inability of a seller to reach out to the customer due to overburden of lead assigned could result in loss.

Solution: Assignment Rule for Lead Routing

This rule helps to assign new leads and opportunities to sellers and sales team automatically, thereby skipping the human intervention and reducing the effort and time for the assignments of records. Also, it helps in overcoming issues such as loss of lead due to not being assigned to user or team and also helps to reduce the overburden on a particular user or team.


License:                                Dynamics 365 Sales Premium or Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise

Security Role:                    System Administrator, Sequence Manager, Sales Manager.


You need to have enabled Sales Accelerator feature in your organization.

Create and activate an assignment rule.

Navigate to Sales Insight Settings Area

In Global Settings, under Sales accelerator click on Assignment rules.

Click on New Rule under Leads -> Select Lead assignment rule as shown below:

This will open a quick create form for new rule create form as shown below:

Under Rule name provide a specific name to your lead assignment rule.

Select eligible leads for this rule: you are provided with two options, either apply the assignment rule to all the leads being created in the system by choosing All Incoming leads or choose Specific leads

If you select the Specific leads, then you would be provided with drop down to select Segments.

Additionally, rule also allows to have additional conditions using the lead rows and specifying conditions on it or comparing it with specific values.

Choose Seller type: This will allow you to choose seller on basis of certain conditions or attributes specified. You can choose options from Any Seller to Specific Sellers or Sellers with matching attributes. Even Teams could be assigned.

Distribute leads by: Deals with distribution methods for lead across organisation.

This is implemented by 2 methods:

Round robin: Leads are distributed on a cyclical basis to sellers who are qualified to receive the lead, based on the conditions of the assignment rule.

Load balancing: Leads are distributed among sellers depending on their current workload. This helps ensure that all sellers are equally busy.

Manage Lead Capacity for Seller

Click on the Manage lead capacity for seller link as shown below in the image to navigate to Team Settings.

Team Settings: this list outs the seller/ users and teams present in the organisation.

Select one user as shown below. This will enable Set capacity button on the grid.

On click of the Set Capacity button, a quick view will open which will ask you to set the capacity of the maximum leads that can be handled by the particular seller.

Fill in the values and click save to set the capacity.

Monitoring under Assignment Rule

Leads or Opportunities that were not assigned even after the assignment rule application, would be listed under Monitoring. You may manually select them to be assigned to a seller.


Sales Accelerator feature of Assignment rule for Lead and Opportunity does efficiently enhances the system with reducing the efforts required.

Thankyou, Ashitosh for your inputs in this blog.


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