While working with a Read-only grid in Dynamics 365, if a user clicks on the lookup reference it takes you to the lookup reference record, while the intention was to navigate to the actual record. Let’s see how we can disable the link to the lookup reference.


As you can see in the screenshot below, we have link references in 4 different fields

  1. Name
  2. Customer
  3. Service Executive
  4. Customer Email (Email-link reference)

Microsoft has recently released a new feature that allows the user to disable the Lookup reference link. Follow the steps below to disable the lookup reference link:

Step 1: Open the solution and navigate to the entity for which you want to disable the link. While editing the solution please use the classic solution editor as all controls are not visible in the Modern UI.

Step 2: Click on control section on the entity form and look for “Power Apps Read-only Grid

Step 3:

Change the configuration and select the configuration for the (web, Phone, Tablet). In configuration, select the Navigation type allowed and edit it.

Step 4:

Set the bind to static options to “Primary only

Step 5: Save and publish the solution and refresh the home grid, you will be able to see the new changes.


This feature will help you avoid clicking on the wrong reference link on record.

Thank you, Subhash for your inputs on this blog.


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