In Dynamics 365 CRM, we have different search options to search data. As we have hundreds of records of different table, Relevance Search aka Dataverse Search is a global search box that gets the record information across all the tables.

There is a new feature introduced in 2022 release wave one for Dynamics 365 CE on Dataverse search. This feature will help users to search & filter for records in model-driven Power Apps. This will make Dataverse Search easier than before to find the data.


What is Dataverse Search?

Dataverse Search is a great tool to find quickly records across all the tables. It delivers fast and comprehensive result to all tables, sorted by relevance. In model-driven apps, this Search Box is available in the header in the environment.

If we opt into early access of 2021 release wave 2 on a production environment, Dataverse Search is enabled automatically. But if not, we need to enable the Dataverse Search.

How to Enable & Configure Dataverse Search: –

  1. Enable Dataverse Search in the Power Platform admin center under selected environment settings.
  1. In the Power Platform admin center, select the environment.
  2. Select Setting > Product > Features.
  3. Under Search, set Dataverse search to On.
  4. Select Save.

Before Enabling Dataverse Search: –

After enabling Dataverse Search: –

  • Once enabled, users can select the tables and search the indexes they want for a solution within a Power Apps portal.

Dataverse (Relevance) Search is used by the Dataverse Search Index. You can manage & configure the index from the Overview section of a solution.

Under Manage Search Index: –

It will show us all the tables which are present in the current solution. When users select the tables for indexing, it will show the number of fields that are included in Dataverse Search. These columns are dependent on the Quick Find View. The limit for Columns indexed in this environment is maximum 950 per organization. Users can enable or disable indexing for a specific table from here and can adjust which columns are included in Dataverse Search within the Power Apps portal.


With this new update in 2022 release wave one for Dynamics 365 CE, it is just easy to find the record, it also helps minimize the no. of clicks required to find or to get there.

References: –


Thank you, Shubham Dhumal for your inputs.


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