Problem Definition:

Nowadays, things are getting much easier and the low-code approach is focused on a larger scale. To create a canvas app, you need to have good knowledge regarding the same. But when we need to create a single form, it used to be a time-consuming process. If any person doesn’t have any idea how the canvas app is used and if he just had to create a form, then it used to be a difficult task. To reduce this task PowerApps introduced a new feature named “Image” which is in Preview Stage.

What is an Image?

It is an App feature that is used to create a Canvas app by uploading an image of an app or form in it. This will help makers of all skill levels easily turn their designs into working apps and connect them to a data through few easy steps.


 Steps involved in Image:

  • Select Image Feature in the Home Tab.
  • Give a meaningful name to your app and add a JPG file in the form. You even need to select the format whether you require Tablet or Phone.
  • Draw tags around the things that should appear in the app. Each tag corresponds to a different component as shown in the below image.
  • After that create a new table in Dataverse or specify where it should be stored.
  • Your App will be created automatically, and you can even customize it if any further changes are required in it.


This feature is easy to use but has many limitations too.

  • Few components are available for use like Button, Checkbox, Dropdown, Edit form, Label, Radio, etc.
  • You can upload only one image at a time.
  • Complex forms, forms with colored backgrounds, multi-page forms and forms with underlined input boxes aren’t supported.

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