Problem Definition:

In contrast to Project Service Automation, where importing projects is made easy via a ribbon button, it was previously not possible for current Microsoft Project Desktop Client users to do so in D365 Project Operations. Project for the Web is supported by D365 Project Operations, although not all of Microsoft Project Desktop Client’s features are available. It was imperative to establish a connection between the two due to the system’s gap.


Steps to import a file in Project

  • Go on to your Project entity.
  • On the top ribbon bar you will get an Import button, click the button and you will see Import from MPP option as shown in the below image.
  • A dialog box will pop up on the screen, in which you must add your work hour template, the Project Manager and the even choose the MPP file to be imported.
  • Click on the Import button after you have added all the required values.
  • After clicking import you will get a validation screen if your project has been successfully imported. This screen will define all the items that are excluded during the import.
  • Click on the Go to project to view the project.


Project for the Web works well for the majority of projects, but it doesn’t totally replace Project desktop. The following features cannot be migrated or supported. Before you begin importing your project, make sure it doesn’t rely on these features.

Cross-project dependencies, manual tasks, recurring tasks, subprojects, and even some types of selective constraint types like As late as possible, Start no later than, Finish no later than, etc. are a few characteristics.

There are many such features which are not supported while importing. Refer given Microsoft link for  more information:


Users will have the freedom to utilise any project planning tool of their choice, including Project Desktop Client and Project for the Web, thanks to this import feature. This functionality is a good complement to all the other functionalities in the product and will help D365 Project Operations meet more customer requests.

Thank you, Sankalp for your valuable inputs.


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