Views in model-driven apps specify the data that is tabulated and displayed on a grid page. Views that have been developed by an administrator, shared with others, and normally can’t be changed are called System Views.

Dynamics 365 2022 release wave II includes a new functionality that provides the ability to save the filter conditions on a grid as a personal view as well as enables you to manage and share views.

You can save time with this effective feature.

Following types of views are available in model-driven apps:

  1.  – Personal views are owned by individuals and only visible to that person unless they share their personal views with others.
  2.  – As a system administrator or system customizer, you can edit system views
  3.  – Public views are general-purpose views that you can customize as you see fit.

How to Filter grid data, and save results as a view?

  To select the filter condition, click on the Edit Filters

To remove a condition, select More commands () next to the row, and then select Delete

To add one or more conditions, select Add option

The following options are available to add conditions in the filter editor

To add a condition, select Add row,

 To select a value, click on the down arrow

 After editing the view filters, select Apply to see changes on the grid page

How to Save edits as a new view?

On the command bar, select More commands () > Create view > Save as new view

Enter a new name for the view, and then select Save

How to Manage and share personal views?

To manage and share views, turn on the modern Advanced find options.

Click on the Save button

In the view selector, the Manage and share views option is available

Select the Manage and share views option

Select View commands (…) and then choose the Share option

Select the user to share the view

Set the permissions

Select Share option


This feature is helpful because it increases Productivity by preserving the quick find filter conditions as a personal view and it also optimizes time.

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Thank you , Amisha for your valuable inputs


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